Terrien Renfro - Hospital Manager


Terrien Renfro started at Harvest Hills Veterinary Hospital in 2007.

She trained as a kennel technician then moved up to vet assistant. She was promoted to Hospital Manager in 2012.

Terrien particularly enjoys working with fearful dogs and finding a way to make it a positive experience for both the patient and the owner. Terrien's favorite part of being the Hospital manager is leadership and helping her team become the best versions of themselves. She is more than willing to fix any problem that comes her way.

Terrien lives with her husband Terry, daughter Cloe and son Bryar. She has 3 dogs: Zaney, Hairy, and Ruby, and 3 cats: Phara, Cinder, and Sundae. During her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family hunting and fishing.